Reusable Tea Bag -2ct.
Reusable Tea Bag -2ct.

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Reusable Tea Bag -2ct.

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Love loose tea? Then you will love our reusable, cloth tea bags! Just add your favorite loose tea to the bag. Pull the drawstring close. The weight of the button at the end of the string acts as a counter balance when the bag is in your cup. Add to a hot cup of water. Steep according to tea directions or to your liking. Enjoy!

When finished with the tea bag, dump the tea in your compost pile by turning the bag inside out. Rinse with warm water and hang the bag to dry. Best used if the bag is completely dry before adding loose tea.

Other uses:
*Herb bundles you use to infuse oils, vinegars, soups and stews. 
*Cold Brew Coffee
*Bath Teas

We recommend you DON'T microwave the tea bag with your water. Add it to the water after heated. The button is 100% wood and has only has food safe mineral oil or Hemp Oil put on it to enhance the natural colors.