Peak Polarized Sunglasses


Peak Polarized Sunglasses

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Strong light call for strong sunglasses. That is why Peak Polarized has a lens in filter category 4 - the category that blocks the most possible sunlight. You get the best possible protection for your eyes, and don’t have to deal with glare or reflections. This is the model to pick if you’re planning on an activity at high altitude and with lots of bright sunlight. Let your eyes rest while the rest of your body is working. Peak Polarized is a unisex model made to fit smaller and normal sized faces. With the supplied neck strap your glasses will always stay in place.

Lens properties
Peak Polarized is equipped with polarizing lenses that remove irritating glare and reflections from the sun. They also enhance the contrasts and colors, causing less strain on your eyes when you use the glasses during and extended period of time. The lens made from unbreakable X-PC and offers complete UV protection. The lens in filter category 4 is the best choice for strong sunlight, as it lets the least amount of light through and is the most efficient at protecting your eyes.

Peak is made from Grilamid TR90, a high tech material that provides low weight and high flexibility. The material is also as comfortable to wear in the strong sunlight as they are in the freezing winter cold. Peak Polarized only weigh 27 grams, making them light and comfortable to wear.

Adjustment possibilities
With the adjustable details of Peak Polarized, it’s easy to find a perfect fit. Block out unwanted sunlight with detachable side protectors. Temple tips and nose pad is easily adjusted to your needs. Peak Polarize guarantees a safe and comfortable experience.