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Mouco Camembert

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The cheese goes through a growing phase much like children, you can see them mature over time, and the proof is in the result. When young and in the first few weeks, the Camembert will have a firm, creamy texture with more than a hint of tartness. As it ages into its teenage years, the cheese develops a full-flavored nutty taste, like teenagers, slightly nutty. In its most mature stage, our Camembert develops a buttery richness and is a little soft around the middle (Like me-RP) with a strong, smooth flavor that’s perfect when paired with fine crackers and a little bit of fruit.MouCo Camembert is made using cow’s milk sourced from our local area. Our cheese making values dictate that there will never be any artificial colors, additives, or preservatives in our cheese to ensure it is the best our region offers.

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