Charcoal Water Filter -Kishu
Charcoal Water Filter -Kishu

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Charcoal Water Filter -Kishu

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Ditch the plastic water filtering systems and get this all natural option instead! Simply place in any pitcher or water bottle and add tap water. Kishu begins adsorbing impurities immediately while also imparting healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. These give your water a delicious, clean taste.

Kishu Charcoal should be boiled once per month to keep its pores open. Simply place in a shallow pan of water and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Allow to dry for 30 minutes before reusing. While a small amount of flaking may occur, the stick will stay completely intact; Kishu will NEVER deteriorate. After four months, Kishu should be replaced. 

Kishu Charcoal Regular is the perfect counter-top water filter solution. Ideally placed in any 1-2 quart pitcher, Kishu begins working immediately, bonding with toxins in tap water. Optimal filtration time 6 - 8 hours.

Kishu Charcoal To Go is the ideal way to bring filtered water on the go; the gym, the car, your bicycle. Ideally placed in any 12-16 ounce water bottle, Kishu begins working immediately bonding with toxins in tap water. Optimal filtration time 1-2 hours.

Kishu Charcoal X-Large is a terrific way to ensure you have delicious Kishy filtered water for all your cooking and drinking needs. Enjoy the taste of natural spring water with Kishu filtered water all day, every day. One stick lasts 4 months.